When Lucy Leads started her new job as an accountant for EVO Pharmaceuticals, she wasn't sure what to expect-- but it definitely wasn't murder.

At her first-ever office Halloween party, someone is found dead in a bigfoot costume, and no one is allowed to leave the office. Although detective work isn't in her job description, Lucy steps up to investigate the case. With a killer among her coworkers, can she find the truth before anyone else gets hurt?


Spooktober demo version, full game release date TBA!

Demo Includes: 

-4.5k words including the prologue, body reveal, and 1st point&click investigation room

-2 original soundtracks

-A handful of voiced lines

Full Game Will Include:

-A full 2+ hour point-and-click murder mystery

-5 rooms to investigate

-4 suspects to interrogate

-A big twist + Multiple endings

-4+ CGs

-Partial voice acting

And more!


Luna Raydue- Creative Director, Writer, Programmer, Casting Director, Background Designer [https://twitter.com/lunaraydue]
Honey Datura- Sprite Artist, Logo Designer, Writing Assistant [https://honeydatura.itch.io/]
AkaMika- CG Artist [https://akamika.itch.io/ https://akamikasmile.carrd.co/]
Carl J Sorenson- Composer, SFX Designer, Audio Mixer [https://nosneros31.itch.io/ https://twitter.com/CarlJSorenson http://www.carljsorenson.com/]

Lucy Leads- Luna Raydue
Tom Watts- Ryan Do [https://www.ryandovo.com/]
Ms. Chen- Vera Tan [https://veratanva.carrd.co/]
Angus- Jesse Copeland [https://twitter.com/SwordofSwordsVO]
Salem- Shakyra Dunn [https://twitter.com/shakyradunn]
Dave- Daniel Kovel [https://twitter.com/ChampionKingDan https://twitch.tv/championkings]


WhoKilledBigfoot-demo-pc.zip 491 MB
WhoKilledBigfoot-demo-mac.zip 458 MB


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Interesting demo! Looking forward to the full release. :)


interesting! cant wait to play the full game

I finally got to play through it all, it was a lot of fun! When I first saw the game's name I thought the story would be something entirely different but when Angus walked in I was like: ohhh so that's why!

Some spoilers:

But I didn't expect Dave to be the one who dies, I felt sad for him even if he was a meanie because all the characters managed to get my attention with their unique personalities! Also, I love the voice acting, they did a great job!

One question I have is if Angus' sprite changing sizes during the scenes was intentional? I don't know if it's a bug or not but it was kinda funny 


Hey there saw your game through Spooktober submissions and decided to give yours a try! Pretty good demo with some nice voice acting and good art! Really like what I saw from the investigated room but I wouldn't mind it being timed just to make the mystery harder to solve. I'm really excited for the interrogations though and hopefully they make it hard to solve the mystery too. Anyways Here's my playthrough - 

(1 edit) (+1)

This was so much fun!! I'm a huuuuuuuge fan of murder mysteries, especially when the protagonist isn't a private detective but rather has a different job, it makes it even more interesting. I swear I groaned when it ended cause I wanted to see more, I was on the edge of my seat!! ๐Ÿ˜‚

I loved Lucy, can't wait to know more about her, and Salem has really caught my interest ๐Ÿ‘€ Angus cracked me up with how he moved all around the screen in different moments xDDD

Looking forward to the full game!!


What a fantastic demo!! I found myself feeling quite disappointed when the ending game, especially as I was just starting to really get into it, but also that's probably a good thing—it ends right at the moment where you'll be able to really catch people's interest to want more!

The characters are so much fun! They're definitely what grabbed my attention the most while playing. Not only their sprites—which are all extremely lovely, what a wonderful style!—but also their dialogue and interactions. I love how much personality they all had! Which I feel is something so necessary for a story like this where so much of the story will hinge on the characters. Their voices were so wonderful, as well! Everyone felt so on-point and the lines were delivered beautifully—and hilariously sometimes, as well LOL!! Angus legit cracked me up almost every time he spoke. His VA did an amazing job HAHAHA

Wonderful UI work! I won't comment on a few of the small issues that others have brought up since I know it's a demo anyway and will be fixed. But what you have here already looks so polished. Oh, and your use of animation with the sprites! That tickled me pink more often than once (I legit laughed out loud with Angus kept popping up randomly in the middle of everyone LOL). Just a really nice job interjecting movement to help things feel cinematic and engaging. And a great job on the little point-and-click section! I imagine there'll be more where that came from in the full game!

Overall just a really wonderful start here. Lovely characters and art, a fun and intriguing story that left me wanting more at the end, and quirky spoopy vibes all around. I'll be looking forward to the full game!! ๐Ÿ’•


Super interesting start. I'm  not sure about the artwork for Angus, but otherwise absolutely lovely. I really enjoy the voiced sections as well.

Fantastic start. Can't wait for the rest of the game!


I like it <3

Thanks so much! :) Stay tuned for the full release!